Great Lakes Football League

The GREAT LAKES FOOTBALL LEAGUE was established in 2006.

The first League Champion was the MICHIGAN GATORS in 2007.

In 2008, the NORTHWEST OHIO KNIGHTS beat the undefeated Michigan Vipers for the Title by the score of 28 – 16.

In 2009, the DETROIT DIESELS completed an Undefeated Season with a victory over the Michigan Mercenaries for the League Title.

The DETROIT DIESELS made it Back to Back League Titles with a close victory of 7 – 6 over the Wayne County Bengals.

In 2001, the expansion of the League created a great regular season with many Championship contenders. In the end, the WEST MICHIGAN FORCE defeated the Michigan Vikings claiming their first GLFL Championship.

2012 saw the GLFL have its second back to back Champion with the WEST MICHIGAN FORCE defeating the Capitol City Stealth by a score of 48 -32.

In 2013, the League crowned a new Champion, the DETROIT SEMINOLES, by defeating the Timberwolves by a score of 28 – 20.

In a hard-fought Championship game in 2014, came the League’s third repeat Champion when the DETROIT SEMINOLES beat the Michigan Mustangs in another close game, 27 – 20.

2015 had the MICHIGAN MUSTANGS return to the Championship game as they defeated the Detroit Ravens 27 – 13.

In 2016, the same two teams were back to the Championship game with the DETROIT RAVENS on top this time with a score of 48 – 28.